Is Sunny Leone responsible for low collection of KKHH 3 ?

Almost with the same punch and same spice, two adult comedy movies hit the screens in two consequent weeks, ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum 3’ and ‘Mastizade’.  Both the movies somewhat runs on the same pattern and forms of sexual pretence that will dry up your humor cells completely. The steamy content with a garnished comedy was thrown into disrepute by the CBFC and the Indian audiences as well. Get Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 HD movie download. But controversy that is smoking up in the air is that Sunny Leone is held responsible for the low box office collection of KKHH3 as her stardom and sensuous expose in the movie ‘Mastizade’ has doomed the fun and excitement of the former parallel release.


Same genre with a gap of 1 Week

Moreover though Kya kool Hain Hum 3 is mostly considered to be a raunchy sex comedy, it definitely demanded the presence of bold acting from the actors. Sunny though was bold enough but her acting skills were not at all up to the mark which was indeed a factor contributing to the movie’s low box office scores. Provided that the actress would equally voice out her acting performance in the same way she voices out her lusty cries, the movie would have earned a far better appeal.

Darshan Raval’s new Song Main Woh Chaand Released

Tera Surroor, the new Himesh Reshammiya starrer film has released its track “Main Woh Chaand” recently.  Himesh Reshammiya is back with a bang in the year 2016 to create a sensation among his fan followers. Though Himesh had formerly attempted to prove his acting skills in films like “karz” “AAP Ka Suroor”, “Xpose” and many other movies, however he was not able to create a successful impact. Now you can receive Airlift movie download from here. Tera Suroor is all geared up to make a mark with all its glitz and shine complemented by the recent romantic number “Main Woh Chaand”.

Main Woh Chaand HD Video

Main Woh Chaand – Darshan Raval

The Shawaan Aranha directed film”Tera Surroor” , is a sequel to the 2007 “Aap  Ka Suroor” and released its first music number on 29th Januaray,2016,”Main Woh Chaand”. Though it is a Himesh starrer film, the multi-talented actor and singer did not showcase his singing talent in the song. It is a perfect romantic composition suiting the approaching valentine occasion. Sung by Darshan Raval, the India Rawstar finalist, this melodious number throws quite promising limelight on the Dublin shot film.


Tera Suroor new Song – Main Woh Chaand

The lyrics, beautifully assorted and complemented by a soothing background score reinstates Himesh’s image as a romantic, chivalrous hero. This is indeed the third number in Darshan Raval’s bag and it seems this new singer under the mentorship of Himesh, is all set to prove himself in the Bolly industry. Looks like both Himesh and Darshan have put on his talent boots this time to etch a mark.

Another song is released from the movie. The title of the song is Bekhudi and it is sung by Darshan Raval too. You can download Bekhudi song from Tera Suroor movie from here.

Watch the full HD Video of Main Wo Chaand below

Bollywood defended Sunny Leone after a recent awkward Interview

sunny leone twitter support

A lot of buzz was created after the very controversial IBN live interview of Sunny Leone by Bhupendra Chaubey. The misogynist probing questions thrown at the 34 year old actress by the senior reporter was met with much criticisms and back-lash by the public as well as the Indian film industry. It was very much obvious that Chaubey had already his own preconceived notions about the actress and her past and was more interested about her career as a porn star than her upcoming film or her Bollywood films. Repeatedly asking about her regrets. Chaubey was very much surprised about her not regretting her working in the porn industry. Through the deeply disturbing and uncomfortable questions and accusations lashed at her, Sunny maintained her poise and answered them politely, smiling throughout.

The entire nation applauded her for her way of fielding the questions. Tweets poured in after the interview with eminent celebrities supporting the actress.

Amir Khan tweeted that he would love to work with Sunny Leone in response to the insulting query by Chaubey “Would Amir Khan ever work with you?” Sunny was thrilled to receive his support in this and very humbly replied that even if they never work together his support means everything to her.


Similar tweets and praises flooded Twitter: